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11 Essential Fall Maintenance Tips For a Tidy Home

fall maintenance tips west michigan

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change, West Michigan homeowners should begin performing some seasonal maintenance. The harsh winter weather can be quite tough on a home and fall is the perfect time to begin preparations.

1. Take a Look at Your Foundation   check foundation

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc upon a foundation, especially if the damage isn’t caught quickly. Take the opportunity to inspect your home’s foundation for any cracks or leaks while also removing any debris and plant life from around the perimeter. This is also a good time to make sure that the grade around your home is slanted away for better drainage!

2. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors   check detector

During the winter both fire and carbon monoxide poisoning become more commonplace. To protect yourself and your family, you should test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure that the green indicator light is on and depress the “Test” button to make sure that the detector works. If it doesn’t go off, check the batteries!

3. Clean Your Gutters (Check for Critters First!)  clean gutters

Keeping your gutters clean isn’t just important for avoiding flooding — it’s also important for pest control and to maintain the structural integrity of your gutters and your roof. Take some time at the beginning of the fall season to clean them out thoroughly and set a reminder to clean them out later, as build up accrues.

4. Change Your Filters and Clean Your Ducts   change filter

You’ll be reliant on your heating system for much of the fall and winter months. Changing your filters and cleaning out your duct work will improve the efficiency of your heating system while more effectively cleaning pollutants and allergens from your air. You may be surprised to discover that your central air system works more effectively than ever.

5. Get Your Furnace Serviced   3507077

The last thing you want to happen is to have a malfunctioning furnace when you really need it. Rather than dealing with a problem when it occurs, you can get your furnace preemptively serviced. West Michigan Air Duct & HVAC offers consultations and servicing regarding all local furnace needs — you can call (616) 421-4610 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

6. Put the Yard Equipment Away   lawnmower

As your grass falls dormant you’ll need your lawnmower less and less. Tucking all of your yard equipment away will protect it from damage — and keep it out of the way while not in use. In addition to your lawnmower, make sure that you put away your hose and external sprinkler system.

7. Perform Some Landscaping   fall landscaping

You probably won’t need to do a lot of landscape during fall and winter, but landscaping before fall is a great way to prepare your yard for the eventual spring. Aerate your lawn, trim your trees, and prune your hedges if you want a glowing garden come the next year.

8. Adjust Your Ceiling Fans  adjust ceiling fan

Many homeowners forget that ceiling fans move in two directions: one for cold air, one for hot air. Make sure your ceiling fan is moving clockwise so that they can push hot air down rather than drawing cold air up. Otherwise you’ll just be circulating the cold air!

9. Inspect Your Roof  inspect roof

Before the weather’s whimsy begins sending you sleet and hail, take some time to inspect your roof and repair it as needed. Any chipped, shifted, or missing shingles should be replaced before the weather takes a harsher turn. Otherwise you could be in for some leaking.

10. Check Your Insulation   check attic insulation

Your insulation will play a significant role in your energy utilization. Check your weather stripping, window seals, and door frames — in addition to your attic and duct insulation. A little insulation will go a long way towards keeping you warm and toasty!

11. Clean Your Chimney   clean chimney

Don’t make the mistake of trying to fire up your fireplace without cleaning your chimney first. Dirt, debris, and even bird’s nests can become wedged in your chimney, preventing it from vending properly. This can be incredibly dangerous if not properly addressed, but a thorough cleaning will keep you safe.


Performing your fall maintenance checklist every year is an excellent way to head off any potential issues before they become serious — and it makes your home much easier to sell later on.

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