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Calling All Homeowners!

If you’re a homeowner and you’ve been waiting to sell, it’s time to stop waiting!

You may have heard that the real estate market doesn’t really pick up until Spring, but the truth is, there are several reasons why selling earlier may give you the advantage!


1. Low Inventory means Higher Prices. For the last two years, Grand Rapids has suffered from a lack of inventory–basically, there’s just not enough houses for sale to meet with buyer demands. This means that homes that are for sale sell faster and often for more than asking price. Not only is this the case in Grand Rapids, but if you sell before the Spring market hits, when inventory is naturally lower, there’s an even higher chance you’ll get to sell quickly and for more.


2. More Serious Buyers. It’s the truth–when there’s snow on the ground and the days are short, the unsure buyers stay home. That means the people looking for houses before the market hits aren’t just looking for fun–they’re looking to buy, and fast. For you as the seller, that means you’re more likely to get legitimate offers during the off-season.


3. Interest Rates are Low. Between December and February is when rates are at their absolute lowest. Even during this time of record-low rates, the beginning of the year means buyers are getting low rates that won’t last when the market hits.


4. Your House Just Looks Better. Think about it–if a buyer is coming into your house from the cold and dark winter weather outside, your house is gonna look great. Have your fireplace running, keep your lights on, have cookies out–these all give the impression of your house being warm and cozy, especially after a hike through the snow.


5. Lenders are Less Busy. This means that loans get processed quickly and more accurately with fewer hiccups along the way. Selling in the off-season simply means your transaction is likely to go more smoothly than during the on-season.


So if you were on the fence about selling during the winter, don’t be! The fact is, all the cards are in your hands. So don’t wait! Give us a call to get started!


If you’re ready to sell or looking to buy, contact Navid Ghavami at 616-920-9800 or

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