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Sold in 30 Days Or…


Sold in 30 Days or You Don’t Pay Commission. Yes, you read that correctly, this is not a sales gimmick or ‘trap’ to get you to list your home with Fifth Floor Real Estate.

First, I value your time as it is the most important commodity available to any individual and I appreciate you taking the time to read through this post.  Second, I have received questions each day in regards to the above promotion that I started a few weeks ago so why not just address as many as possible here!

The Why Behind Fifth Floor Real Estate

I founded Fifth Floor Real Estate just over 3 years ago with the basis that I would deliver exceptional real estate results to each and every client. From these client testimonials, I would then be able to obtain future referrals.  In return my company would organically grow, which it has done, each and every single month.  In just the past couple of weeks we have added 2 additional agents to our growing team and I could not be more blessed with the talent that has joined Fifth Floor Real Estate.

The Offer

So let’s talk about the offer! Spring of 2015 was filled with new opportunities to expand my marketing efforts and I have undoubtedly experienced some great success that I would love extend to someone who can benefits from our listing services.

My offer is simple in that I would be willing to list your home at a 6% commission rate and I will sell it in 30 days or less!  If I do not sell it in 30 days, I will waive my complete commission on your listing and continue my best to get you a sale.

If your home is still on the market and the 1st Sunday rolls around, I will hold an open house EVERY Sunday until it sells. But I do not want Sunday to roll around! I want you, the seller, to receive multiple offers and get your home sold ASAP! I don’t like waiting and neither should you when it comes to listing your #1 investment.  I would be ecstatic to provide you with my 2015 listing history and recent client’s information upon meeting. Plus you can check out my most recent testimonials here. We will have a plan of action set in stone prior to your home going on the market.

Over 90% of my listings in 2015 have sold in under 72 hours

You must be saying, “Ah ha! He must list them below market value that’s why they sell so fast and in return cost the seller money” which is absolutely not the case!  We are in a terrific seller’s market here in Metro Grand Rapids and there are plenty of buyers searching every single day for their home. I am just a 32 year old motivated real estate broker with over 10 years of industry experience that will work my behind off PRIOR to listing your home, during the listing, and frankly I am not afraid to spend a few bucks on marketing your home! How much do I invest in the sale of your home?

In 2015 – I spent an average of $948 on each listing PRIOR to the home hitting the market

Yikes!! Talk about having some skin in the game! If you are looking for a Realtor® who desires to be your agent for life and will go above and beyond to sell your home effectively and for the top dollar, I hope to hear from you and then get the opportunity to meet you!  If we meet and I do not believe 100.00% that I can sell your home for the price that you desire, I will be honest and upfront about it and we will part ways! It does happen! I know that there is a chance you need to also find a home before you sell and I can plan both events as best as possible to ensure a seamless transition.

I will never waste your time or my marketing dollars to just “list another home”.

Ready to Sell Your Home? Take the initial step by filling out these simple questions or click the image below! I will follow up directly with you whenever it is convenient for you and I can answer all of your questions!




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